Late Nights…1

My head has been full all day. No. Not just today. It's been a couple days now, and I hate it. It's like I'm slowly sliding back into the sadness that I thought I had escaped. I was hoping the rumor of it being a never-ending battle was just that... a rumor. One could hope. … Continue reading Late Nights…1

Letters to The Lost Ones…1

Dear Gem, We were best friends. From middle school (2009) to just a little bit before November of 2017 and then best friends again from January 2018 to just a little bit before July. Then again like a cruel cycle in late 2018 to December 2018 where I can confidently say that I locked the … Continue reading Letters to The Lost Ones…1


We’re never truly fearless... eventually we learn that the scariest things in life are the things we never imagined. Instead of being scared of ghosts, we fear the idea of someone we love becoming a ghost to us. Instead of being scared of the dark, we fear the darkest parts of ourselves. Instead of being … Continue reading Fear